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Dr. McLachlan continues his research Interests in developmental pharmacology, toxicology and endocrinology; estrogen action and environmental estrogens, signaling, gene regulation, and gynecologic cancers. McLachlan’s current research focuses on using the principles of hormone signaling to understand how factors as diverse as trauma, stress, heavy metals and environmental chemicals exert their adverse effects on human health. He emphasizes differentiating systems such as stem cells for his studies and thinking. He currently is working with a group of investigators to formulate a project entitled, Developmental Estrogenization Syndrome: Multiple Disease Endpoints Associated with Exogenous Estrogenic Chemicals.

Teaching and Mentoring

Dr. McLachlan is committed to mentoring at all levels. Along with colleague, Howard Meilke, he organized and teaches a wholly new approach to environmental impact on health and disease called Environmental Pharmacology for graduate students each spring. He also teaches Gynecologic Pharmacology to medical students. In support of his career long commitment to mentoring underrepresented minority students, McLachlan is Director and Co-PI of an NSF funded research based undergraduate mentoring program called Enhancing Diversity in Environmental Biology bringing minority students from Tulane and Xavier to graduate school through research. McLachlan loves to workwith young faculty members at Tulane and Xavier to help formulate research ideas, discover grant opportunities and plan strong career trajectories. Indeed, two post-doctoral fellows in the Environmental Signaling Collaboratory headed by McLachlan are now successful Assistant Professors at Xavier University. The Tulane-Xavier partnership fostered by McLachlan since 1995 continues to be a special project to him.

Service, Outreach and Communication

Dr. McLachlan gives advice to community groups such as the Children’s Environmental Health Network, works with advocacy groups around communication issues related to the drug and environmental toxin, diethylstilbestrol (DES), lectures to community groups on women’s health and the environment and serves on the Scientific Advisory Board for the Environmental Health Center at Jackson State University.